A better idea?

OUTWARDLY, I can be quite tolerant with service acquaintances and their mistakes, because I do not enjoy being hateful to others or hurting feelings when it can be avoided. We all have mishaps. Now, I may not smile about it, but I am still polite which I hate because I certainly do NOT want to be.
So do I maintain this control when the same mistakes are made by the same person over and over?  Do I just let them continue to cause disruption because of pure incompetence?!

A better idea...
Instead of keeping my anger wrangled, I would prefer to punt said person out of their sixth floor office window, all while screaming at them their repeated failures, just so they know WHY they are sailing out of said sixth floor office window.  I'm informative like that.

Okay, fine, maybe they can land in a nice, thick bush, because I don't want to kill anyone...I just want them to get. the.picture. and shape up. 

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